Antique Call Centre Furniture

Call centres are often likened unto modern day factories. Perhaps those who describe them as such are on to something. The feeling of being in an assembly line is unshakeable as the decor, furniture, and layout of most call centres feed into this notion. This dreary look and feel of the average call centre (and not to mention the uncomfortable furniture) could be costing call centre owners more in profits that there are aware.

Employee Performance And Environment

What many call centres seem to forget - as indicated by their choice of decor, layout, and furniture options - is that employees working in a more comfortable environment are likely to be more productive. Productive employees lead to greater efficiency overall, and subsequently higher margins. As such, call centre owners would do well to look at the available call centre furniture uk options to see how they can add some more life to their employee workspace.

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Three Ways Call Centre Employers Can Positively Shake Up The Work Environment And Their Profits

1. Colour Therapy

Colour is one of the main features in any room that can have a direct impact on the mood and attitude of persons. This is true whether at work, home, or a place open to the public. It is for this reason many restaurateurs will choose certain colours to set a certain mood in their restaurants. A similar principle can be applied in call centres, and a pop of colour can be used to put some pep in the step and spirit of call centre agents. Brighter colours brighten spirit.

2, Furniture

I think we can all agree that most call centre furniture UK choices are bad. The furniture chosen is often cheap, uncomfortable, and unattractive. This is unfortunate, as the least you could do for some working to answer calls all day is yo ensure that furniture they use is aptly suited. While I can understand choosing darker options for chair colours, chairs with extra cushions or padding is a good place to start. In addition to furniture used for working, paintings, plants (even if they are not real) will all help to make he workspace physically more comfortable.

3. Layout

It is true that most call centres are laid out the way they are for practicality. However, it still need not feel like an assemble line. Instead of opting for never-ending rows of call centre workers, call centre owners or managers can opt to break up the space a little - particularly if they have already heeded the advice doled out in the first two points. Perhaps making rows shorter and opting for huddles are better options.

While the evidence of higher profits may show up further down the road, call centre managers who make the necessary changes to create a more welcoming work environment, are more likely to see an almost immediate change in their employees. These changes will benefit employee and employer alike and is therefore well worth the costs of the initial investment as time passes.